Eddie's Extensions

A features list would be kinda cool here...

Setting up Eddie 42

1. Edit eddie2.tcl, more info on this is included in that file
2. If you wish to use the !sms command, you will also need to edit sms.dat
    (NB. !sms requires a working 'mail' command to function correctly)
3. Move eddie2.tcl, insult.tcl and sms.dat to your eggdrop/scripts directory
4. Move Techie.sg to the directory you specified in $quotedir
    (NB. This file is only need by the !quote command)
5. Move 8ball.txt to the same directory as your executable eggdrop file
6. Add the following lines to your eggdrop config file:
    source scripts/eddie2.tcl
    source scripts/insult.tcl
7. Restart your bot. :)


Channel Commands
!version, !uptime, !time <zone>, !8ball, !whack <nick>, !calc, !op, !seanmode, !list, !eddie, !giveme <item>, !giveto <item> <nick>, !status, !pi <d.p.>, !lock <off/on>, !quote, !poll <results/yes/no>, !random <max>, !ping <nick>, !sms <alias> <message>, !help, !whoami, !forcebans, !voice <nick>
Partyline Commands
.auth, .seanmode <on/off/status>, .poll <question/on/off/reset/help>, .broadcast <msg.>, .hand2nick <handle>, .limit <on/off/check/status/$n/help>, .sms <list/reload/help>, .kill <handle>
(Use .help to see what standard eggdrop commands you can use)
Query Commands
decrypt <text>, encrypt <text>, poll <yes/no>, asl<br>
(NB. Other standard eggdrop are available via a query)


 Using !help me will just show you the list of commands, rather than showing the whole channel.
 !resetbans is the same as doing .resetbans on the partyline. Try .help resetbans on the partyline for help on what it actually does.
 You are free to edit or delete lines from 8ball.txt using a simple text editor. ;)
 On the partyline, .broadcast will send a message to all the channels, but .banner will send a message to everyone on the partyline.

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